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1. Use this form only if you wish to include a hypertext link (ie. back to your site and/or to your email address ( from each entry. Basic Listings (without links) must be made from the single fair form. If you have arrived at this page in error click here to be taken to the basic listings form where you now also have the option of including a single link back to your website and/or email address for just £8.00 per single listing

2. The same link must be applicable to all the listings (and be relevant to them) and all the listings should be in the same area

3. Each fair listing must be for a specific date ie Feb 20-23 and not for blanket coverage ie every 2nd Saturday of the month. You are quite welcome to include listings for all the relevant dates up to 10 per form

3. You may include up to 10 listings but they must all be included within one submission form (below). Every submission form regardless of number of fair listings will generate a £60 charge

4. Antiqueweb reserves the right to ammend or curtail unsuitable entries at its discretion.

5. Please check the information you enter below then click the submissions button only once. After a few seconds you will be redirected to select your choice of payment (Paypal/credit card or by cheque).

6. Listings will only be included after receipt of your payment.

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